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Present: Mr Stuart Goldie - President,  Mrs Sue McInnes Skinner - Chair, Mrs Jane Smith - Company Secretary and 27 members as per the register.

Apologies were received from Damien Tumelty and Samuel Small.

The Minutes of the Annual  General Meeting held on Thursday 10th August, 2017 were signed as a true and correct record. Proposed by Stuart Goldie and Richard Pilkington.

Chariman’s Report.  Firstly I would like to make a small presentation to thank Stuart Goldie for his years as President with his wise wisdom over that time. Also for producing the society leaflets and organising the GYS B-B-Q which attracts many and where food and drink flow.

This is my last report as chairman and I would like to thank my committee for the support they have given me. I feel that the Society is moving forward, we have more new members our sheep both BDM & MB have attracted attention from both pedigree and commercial buyers and also from abroad. The web site is being modernised and a great deal of information can be gleaned from it.

Show results are usually posted on the evening of the show, with photos whereeverpossible. We have our members photographs and it is a great way to follow our sheep’s fortunes.

This year shows started with the Three Counties, sadly without Percy Tait and Will Price. TCS champion went to Garland & Heard with their shearling ewe & Reserve Sally Shone.  Royal Highland champion was William Baillie with his homebred shearling ewe, which went on to be awarded reserve Interbreed, reserve to him was Rachel & Calum Cruden’s ram lamb. Andrew Baillies MB gained Commercial champion

Great Yorkshire  champion was Laine Daff’s homebred shearling ewe & Reserve Sally Shone’s homebred shearling ewe. A MB ewe lamb from Jonathan McInnes Skinner went on to claim champion AOB.   By now Laine Daff’s shearling ewe was flying, so at the Royal Welsh which was also the National Show she again won the Breed Championship and was National Champion .  Johnny Stables was Reserve with the Astley ram.

I thank all those people that show good sheep and win and for the time they give up in travelling, preparing and showing them to promote the breed.

The Sheep Events this year were  Royal Ulster Show in May, where the Society sent over a new stand, photos and leaflets to help the N.I Club get started again, and both Sally Shone & Will Price travelled over to lend their support.

NSA Scotsheep in Ayrshire followed was run by William Baillie, who provided some very smart sheep and thank you and the northern helpers .

NSA Sheep 2018 at Malvern in July where Paul Farmer brought MB’s and Sally Shone pure BDM’s, both of which attracted a great deal of attention, with support from Stan Kilby and myself.

Carlisle 2017 – Quality told.

Bleu gimmer from Percy Tait 1000gns, Johnny Stables 900gns

Ewe lambs  Johnny Stables 550

MB shearling ewes  Paul Farmer had a very smart run with good prices.

BDM Shearling rams Top price was Percy Taits show champion at 2000gns and he also achieved the top priced Ram Lamb at 1500gns.

MB Shearling rams topped at 920gns from William Baillie with Rosemay McAllister  at 900gns

Please remember- good sheep make good money, but keep your eye on quality

We have just had an election for Council and would like to welcome Rachel Cruden, Jim Farquharson and Robin Johnson.  I hope they bring new and fresh ideas.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jane for her help and hard work over the last 3 years, probably many of you don’t realise how much hard work behind the scenes goes into running a small breed society office efficiently. I feel the Society is in good heart to go forward. Thank you

Hon Treasurers Report.

If we start with the Income on the Income & Expenditure page, you will notice a fall in subscriptions, due in part to many of the old subs being cancelled by members no longer involved in the breed.  We do offer free membership to buyers in their first year which then disrupts the membership figures, as many fail to pay up come January. However registrations increased but overall the income is slightly down on 2016.  It is fortunate that our investment portfolio continues to perform well and in 2017 we made no capital withdrawals.

On the expenditure side the only stock we hold is a few ties, some of which are available here tonight. Merchandise – no sales

Society tags These are the tags we order for members for which they pay for and the income is included in Registrations.

Postage is similar to the previous year, the Society benefits from the NSA franking machine which reduces our mail bill by about 30%. Telephone is on the cheapest BT tariff

Printing and stationary, this varies a little year to year, depending on when I invoice from NSA

Advertising & Publicity  This consists of photography for the Premier Sale, website costs and the brochure and courier costs

Travelling & subsistence, slightly down on 2016 as is Show Expenses, with one less event undertaken

Computer expenses Accountant advises this narrative should be changed to Office Admin.

Council expenses. This is the cost covered by the Society for the autumn meeting. Council members may their own travel and accommodation expenses and the Society pays for all meals and meeting room associated costs.

Associated Clubs- this is the affiliation fee to NSA

Insurance very slightly down due to increased NFU bonus

Accountancy is shown as £1000 but we paid £625, this was due to an undercharge provided for in the 2016 accounts which was now been adjusted.

Bank charges are £81

The payment to myself was not an increase in my emolument, but includes £50 towards my mobile expenses

Our overall expenditure is marginally more than in 2016, but all costs are rising and I am always mindful with any expenditure and the Society hugely benefits from the NSA infrastructure with photocopying, franking machine and other office equipment.

With the reduction in gains on investments down from £12,233 to £11,477 it does mean a small drop in Net Income to just over £10K.

Our COIF fund at present stands at £152511,72. When I took over the management of this fund we had £103K and as we were receiving so little interest we were using between £5-£10k of capital annually to run the Society.

In 2014 strict budgets were drawn up to generate 30% savings which included reducing my salary from £12K to £9K, with an increase given in November last year, after coming in on budget since 2014. No capital has been withdrawn since I have managed the COIF fund.

To give you some idea of how things are going this year, up until Friday of last week which is far more relevant Membership income is at present £2533.31 & Registrations are £5174 whilst on the Expenditure side we have spent £2324 on shows and events, £2475 on Overheads which includes a new printer, which includes Grassroots £ 749, £4500 on Management fees, £650 on accountancy . Overall our expenditure this year is £10,523 against income of £8586. We have also had additional expenses this year due to GDPR and the election

The Show expenses are broken down as follows:

Balmoral Show trade space £300 + Display panels for NI £ 280.70

Scotsheep        £516                NSASheep 2018  £325 + RDW  £575

Banners (3)  £270

The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Paul Farmer and seconded by Sally Shone.

Appointment of Auditors. It was proposed by Stuart Goldie and seconded by Richard Pilkington that we retain the services of Newman & Co.

Members elected to Council.  Secretary read out the results which had audited by Newman & Co.  The votes were as follows:

Rachel Cruden 28 votes, Jim Farquharson 18, Robin Johnson 18, Sue McInnes Skinner 29, Will Price and Damien Tumelty 16 each. Therefore the four members elected are Rachel Cruden, Jim Farquharson, Robin Johnson and Sue McInnes Skinner.

A discussion then followed where Alice Shanks said there was no longer a representative from NI and therefore she proposed that Samuel Small should be appointed President.  The Chairman pointed out that he had been asked previously and had declined and William Baillie had been invited to be President and had accepted.  Alice Shanks stated that Sam Small had not been invited this year and it had been an historic position that outgoing chairman became President. Rosemary McAllister said the Society should consider regional representation but Council members responded by stating that until this year when an election had taken place there had been someone from NI. It was unfortunate that the NI candidate did not receive enough votes. Johnny Stables said he felt there should be someone to represent the NI members and could someone be co-opted. . After some further discussion it was agreed that if the NI Club was reformed a representative could be co-opted onto Council, this was proposed by Glenn Baird and seconded by Andrew Wilson.

Laine Daff said she was disappointed that at the National Show at the Royal Welsh, the BdM was the only breed without a championship sash. She kindly offered to sponsor the sash but it was generally agreed the Society should cover the cost.

Millennium Bleu. There had been several members concerned with how Council had changed the rules regarding the MB. The Secretary informed the meeting that this issue had been discussed at an earlier meeting held with the NI Ireland representative Andrew Wilson. The Secretary agreed that the change reverting back to only permitting registrations from Beltex x Bleu du Maine  had not been transparent enough and apologised to members on behalf of Council. The decision had been taken to preserve the accepted identity of the MB. The MB was achieving considerable success in the showring and is very close to having its own classes at two major shows. If the Society allowed other crosses to be used it would simply become another Mule type and not be eligible as a breed. Although the costs to Patent the name had been investigated, it had been decided at the time that it was too expensive, but as a breed it was now established and recognised in its own right.  It was hoped the membership accepted that this decision had been taken in the best interests of the breed. Further discussion then took place as to whether the MB should only be the registered Beltex ram on the Bleu ewe or was it possible to also go vice-versa.

Alice Shanks proposed that only the Beltex ram on the Blue ewe should be accepted and Rosemary McAllister seconded the proposal.

Andrew Wilson proposed that either way was acceptable and this amendment was seconded by Glen Baird.  A vote was initially taken by all attendees in the room, before Alice Shanks suggested that only members were entitled to vote.

The amendment was voted on first, receiving 12 votes, with the proposal receiving 8 votes.  Therefore it was agreed that the cross could be obtained either way, although both parents should be registered and proof of registration should be submitted at the time.

Andrew Wilson on behalf of the NI Club said he appreciated the time given by Council and the main aim was to have more transparency, more communication and for the membership to have more understanding of the decisions taken by Council. It was suggested that we have a password protected Members Page on the web site, where the Minutes of the Council meetings could be published and also details of those members attending. Mr Wilson was unaware that the previous NI representative had only attended one meeting during his 3 yr term, but these were things that would show up if there was more transparency.   Secretary informed the meeting that the Society is intending to modernise the web site and a Members section could be added, Everyone was in agreement that members need to be more involved and the web site should be interactive.