Sale trends

Big return to Bleu genetics

From the sales figures and buyers list at the Premier Sale it is clear that flockmasters are returning to the Bleu to produce their ewe replacements and to the MB for their terminal sire needs. This is great news for the breed and will be so rewarding for those that have strived to improve the Bleu over the past few years. With the improvement in both conformation and skins it is interesting to note that the commercail buyers are coming back every two or three years to buy the pure Bleu rams and there is also an increase in the numbers of tups the MB buyers are purchasing. Some of the buyers purchasing at Carlisle were involved with the breed more than 30 years ago and are now returning - what a welcome return!

I recently had a farmer from Shetland wishing to source a Bleu ram to produce gimmers for sale on the island from both his Shetland and Cheviot flocks and he has bought not just one but two rams from Peter Fraser and furthermore we have received another enquiry for a ram to go to Cheviot ewes and luckily we have been able to assist.

Sales for rams seem to be bucking the trend this year, all areas are reporting renewed interest in the breed which is great news for all our dedicated breeders.