Millennium Bleu ruling

Millennium Bleu ruling

There will be changes ahead for the MB from 2020

Millennium Bleu.   Rule changes for registrations from 2020.


The original concept of the MB was to promote the sales of Bleu du Maine females, which towards the end of the 90’s were extremely poor. Gavin Shanks was both a BDM & Beltex breeder and had found the cross worked extremely well and the MB was subsequently launched with the proviso that it should be from a pedigree registered Bleu ewe and sired by a registered Beltex ram. Over time Council have discussed various options that could be permitted, one of which was that the Society would accept registrations from MB x MB.  This was agreed at the Council meeting in 2016. However, it has always been a rather contentious issue as many members felt that by permitting the breeding of pure MB we were creating another breed, rather than the retaining the original concept which promoted the Bleu.

At the Council meeting on 25th October, 2018 the subject was widely discussed and it has been agreed that after 2020 the Society will not accept registrations of pure MB’s and will only permit the first cross to be registered and sold under the Societies’ banner. This will allow “pure” MB’s to be sold at the society sales up to 2021 .

Council now realise they did not give enough time to consider the implications of allowing MB x MB to be registered. The decision to revert the ruling was not taken lightly and Council are very sorry that they have had to make this change to safeguard the pure Bleu and we hope both the pedigree Bleu and the Millennium Bleu  continue to complement one another.

2020 will be the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the Millennium Bleu and we are looking for ideas on how this should be celebrated.  Alice Shanks has already indicated that she would support something extra at the Premier Sale.