Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Newsletter

So much happening that we will send this out in the New Year

With so much going on within the Society and a new website up and running in January, we have taken the decision not to send out the usual newsletter, which probably ends up in the fire as everyone is so busy over the next few weeks.  The Society is undergoing a new branding with new logos for both the Bleu and the Millennium Bleu and all will be revealed in January.  2019 will also see the revival of the Year Book which will be available at all the sheep events that the Society will attend - this will be a great resource and we hope you will support it by advertising your flock!  Booking forms will be sent out in ealy Janaury so look out for them coming with the News.

We are hoping to have clothing available and this will be with the new logos, look out for details on the website when it goes live.

Now .... this is where we need your help!  We need success stories, of how the Bleu or the MB are making an impact on your business or if you have a customer who is really pleased with having bought into the breed, please let us know.

So, to everyone who has supported the breed over the past 12 months, have a good lambing and have a very happy Christmas.