Registration and EID

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The registration procedure is applicable from January 1st, 2018.

The system which involved lambs being registered by dates in line with the month of birth has been replaced & all sheep must now be registered by 31st October in the year of birth. However any sheep not fully registered by 14th June may not be entered for the Premier Sale under any circumstances. Sheep attending shows should also be registered, and only registered sheep should be presented at the major shows. For members of Blue Sires the Birth notification system will continue unchanged, but all lambs should be notified immediately after their 6 week weighing as in the original agreement.


Council agreed that it would be the breeders’ choice as to whether they use the society flag tag, as has been previously supplied or opt to use their own suppliers EID and match up tag. If you decide to use your own tags, the following information must be printed on the match up tag.

Side 1. UK information

Side 2. Flock letters, year and last 3 digits of UK number.  Please see illustration. Thanks to Laine Daff for the sample. Photo courtesy of Laine Daff.

If you wish to continue to use the Society flag tag these need to be ordered through the Society and they will be chargeable to the breeder.

For anyone wishing to adopt the system using your own tags you will be required to order these yourselves and ensure the correct flock details and year are included.  Tags can be ordered in small quantities so there should be very little waste.

Any sheep not registered by 31st October will attract double fees immediately so please ensure you do everything on time. The rule of June 15th will be strictly adhered to.


When a member applies to have lambs registered or birth notified the individual EID number must be used on the registration form (either on line or paper version). The Society will no longer automatically issue the member with an identical replacement tag.  If you require a Society tag to replace your own secondary tag this must be clearly stated on the form and you will be rquired to pay for it, in addition to the registration fee. It will have the individual information on it as well as the Bleu du Maine flock number, the year and the individual number. This number will be the last three digits of the official EID number. (e.g. BDM ABC11 345)


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