Sale Rules

The Bleu du Maine Sheep Society rules for shows and sales are:

1.  All pedigree sheep sold at official society sales to be sold in Guineas

2.  Commissions will be charged at the rate of 5p in the guinea on all pedigree sheep sold together with a 1% Society levy

3.  The Auctioneers will pass from sale any animal not receiving bids to the value of 100guineas for pure-bred registered male sheep. The upset price for pure bred registered females would be 80gns.

4.  All sheep will be identified with tags hung around their necks. Vendors are responsible for taking their sheep to the sale ring and returning them back to the pens after being offered for sale.

5.  Sheep will only be accepted into the Market and  penned for sale if they are accompanied by a current  SAC Certificate of Official MV status, which has been correctly completed.

6.  There will be no physical examination of individual sheep, but Council members retain the right to examine any animal that in their opinion fails to reach the recognised breed standard. The decision of the Council to carry out this inspection shall be final and binding and they shall be absolved from any liability for any action taken as a consequence of their decision. The Council members can only judge the sheep on the day of the sale and cannot be held responsible for the future development of the sheep.

7.  The use of growth promoters is banned by the Society and they reserve the right to random test any sheep offered for show or sale. The vendor will be responsible for the correctness of identity and all sheep must have official ear tags. The Society reserve the right to scan any animal, provided two Society officers are present and a report submitted. Buyers shall have one hour following the end of the sale to lodge any faults or misrepresentations to the auctioneers.

8.   Any female that has been subjected to abdominal surgery (laproscopic AI, embryo transfer or Caesarean section) must be so declared in the catalogue and must physically capable of breeding again.

9.  All rams to be warranted stock-getters and prove to be capable of natural service. If the ram is proved to be infertile or incapable of natural service, the purchaser has 14 weeks to submit to the Auction company a claim substantiated by a veterinary surgeon’s certificate.  The V.S. certificate shall certify that the rams incapacity or ineffectiveness is not the result of injury, accident or illness happening after the time of sale. It shall also certify that the purchasers female breeding stock have been found, on examination, to be in normal breeding condition and that they are not  responsible for the ram’s incapacity of ineffectiveness. The purchaser shall have the option of, either, a refund of the purchase price or, accept a replacement of similar quality. If the vendor so wishes he shall be entitled to have access to the ram for a veterinary examination. If a settlement is not reached then an independent arbiter shall be appointed by the Auctioneers and his decision shall be final. The transport costs, veterinary fees etc., involved in returning stock to the vendor must be borne by the purchaser. All male sheep to have two correct testicles. No rigs or chasers to be shown or sold. It must be declared if a vendor has retained semen from a ram before offering it for sale.

10.  All sheep must be forward for penning at the times as laid out in the catalogue.  Sheep arriving after these times will be disqualified from the sale.

11.  Any animals in the sale premises which are sold by private treaty after the auction are subject to the full commission and levy on the price realised and all such transactions must be passed through the auctioneer.

12.  The use of hair removing substances is strictly forbidden. Health & Safety guidelines should always be adhered to regarding the use of dips, which should only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

13.  The purchaser must satisfy himself as to the soundness and correctness of his purchase within one hour of the conclusion of the sale. Any rejected sheep are not sold under Society rules and are sold as seen.

14.  Transfer Registrations will be dealt with by the Society

15.  Substitute sheep will be allowed provided they are clearly identifiable and are shown in accordance with Society rules.

16.  A sale can only be described as dispersal where every registered sheep belonging to that flock is offered for sale. Further, the flock name will be thereafter terminated and cannot be resurrected by the present holder or used by any other member or future member.  However, the Council retains the right to grant re-use of the flock name on consideration of special circumstances. There will be no need for the sheep to be inspected and where applicable, the sheep will be sold at the end of the sale.  At a reduction sale, all sheep presented for sale will have to be inspected by the Society. The sheep will be sold in the appropriate sale classes

17.  ERRORS OR OMISSIONS. Neither the Auctioneers or the Society can accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.

18.  The vendor will be responsible for the correctness of the identity of all sheep.