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Stock Ram, Burford Hercules JUB.H045 is in the top 1% of the Bleu du Maine Sire Reference group with a Terminal Sire Index of 337.
Owned and bred by Julie Bury, this ram was named ‘Top Tup’ in 2011. Julie has several excellent ram lambs by him for sale.
Semen has been collected from him at Innovis AI centre at Malvern. The technician there described it as ‘super semen’!
This semen will be for sale in 2014. It will be available in two ewe dose pellets priced at £20 per pellet. There will be a discount for an order of more than 10pellets.

Other semen is also stored at Innovis, Malvern:-
Whinholme Viking AP.V10 (owned by Robin Johnson)
Churchbridge Agamemnon CHB. AA171 (owned by Julie Bury)
Hastings Viper JH.V537 (owned by Julie Bury)
These are also in two ewe dose pellets priced at £10 per pellet.

At Innovis, Edinburgh:-
Calla Jumping Jack WBC.11046 (owned by Laine Daff) priced at £20 per dose.

At Torch Farm vets, South Molton, Devon. 01769 610000:-
Churchbridge Warrior CHB.W11 (owned by Maurice Jones)
There is limited availability for this semen. Priced at £10 per dose.

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