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Percy Taits GYS Champion PJF11 256
Percy Taits GYS Champion PJF11 256

Head to head for the Championship GYS
Head to head for the Championship GYS

Bleus - by Royal appointment. The Pairs GYS
Bleus - by Royal appointment. The Pairs GYS

Royal Welsh July 23rd Judge Mary Gittins

Ram 2Sh or older Percy Tait, Simon Norman

Ram, Shearling I & M Davies, Percy Tait

Ram Lamb, I & M Davies, Sally Shone, Simon Norman

Senior Ewe Sally Shone, Simon Norman

Shearling Ewe. Percy Tait, I & M Davies, Simon Norman, ID & M Davies, Sally Shone

Ewe Lamb. Percy Tait, Sally Shone, I & M Davies, Simon Norman

Group Percy Tait, Res: IJ & M Davies

Male Champion: Percy Tait Senior Ram  Res: IJ & M Davies Shearling Ram

Female Champion: Percy Tait Shearling Ewe Res: Percy Tait Ewe Lamb

Breed Champion Percy Tait's Shearling Ewe  Res: Percy Tait's Senior Ram


Great Yorkshire July 8th Judge Richard Pilkington

Ram: Percy Tait PJF 11256,  TS Goldie DE11 088, Laine Daff BLG13 192, W Baillie WBC13 143, J&K Davison WBC13 147, IG Davies IJD13067

Ram Lamb: Laine Daff BLG14 247, IG Davies IJD14 069, J McInnes Skinner SKI14 329, TS Goldie EJG14 301, W Baillie WBC14 167, P Tait PT14 832

Ewe: Laine Daff PJF10 021, J & K Davison JKD12 770,  W BaillieWBC10 007, R Johnson AP08 309, J McInnes Skinner SKI11 110, TS Goldie EJG10 010

Sh Ewe: IG Davies IJD13 052, J McInnes Skinner SKI13 242, Laine Daff BLG13 198, I Davies IJD13 058, J Stables YY13 607, P Tait PT13 670

Ewe Lamb: I G Davies IJD14 068, Percy Tait PT14 836, Laine Daff BLG14 244, J McInnes Skinner SKI14 338, W Baillie WBC14 164

Group: Laine Daff, I G Davies, Percy Tait

Champion: Percy Tait Ram PJF11 256, Reserve Laine Daff Ewe PJF10 021


Royal Highland Show June 20th Judge Ronald Black

Senior Ram: S Goldie DE11088, L Daff WBC1146

Shearling Ram: W Baillie WBC13 143, L Daff BLG13 192,W Baillie WBC13 148, S Goldie EJG13 210

Ram Lamb: S Shone MMJ14 281, L Daff 14 246, S Goldie EJG14 301, W Baillie WBC14 179

Older Ewe: L Daff PJF10 21, W Baillie WBC10 007, S Goldie EJG10 10, S Shone MMJ 147, L Daff BLJ12 122

Gimmer L Daff BLG13 198, S Goldie EJG13 220, S Shone MMJ13 224, L Daff BLG13 193

Ewe Lamb: L Daff BLG14 244, S Shone MMJ14 286, S Goldie EJG14 340, W Baillie WBC14 016, W Baillie WBC14 170

Male Champion W Baillie WBC13 143 Res: S Goldie DE11 088

Female Champion: L Daff PJF 1021, Res: W Baillie WBC10 007

Supreme Champion L Daff PJF10 21  Res: W Baillie WBC10 007


Royal Three Counties

Group: Stan Kilby, Reserve: Sally Shone

Ram 2 shear. Percy Tait PT12 003

Ram Shearling: Stan Kilby MAX13 213, Percy Tait BLG13 196, C Holtom CLR13 253

Ram Lamb: Sally Shone MAX14 281, Percy Tait PT14 832, Stan Kilby AST14 126, Sally Shone MAX14 321

Ewe, 2 shear: Sally Shone PJF11 260, Sally Shone MAX12 147, K Jones AP12 331, Stan Kilby AST12 068

Shearling Ewe: P Tait PT13 671, C Holtom CLR13 247, Sally Shone MAX13 224, Sally Shone MAX13 257

Ewe Lamb: P Tait PT14 836, Saly Shone MAX14 286, Stan Kilby AST14 136, Sally Shone MAX14 276, K Jones MNL14 42

Pairs Champion: 1st MAX12 147 & MAX13 224, 2nd CLR13 253 & CLR13 242, 3rd AST14 123 & AST14 125

Breed Champion Sally Shone PJF11 260, Res Percy Tait PT13 671

Best of Opposite sex: Stan Kilby MAX13 213

Suffolk Show - Continental classes only

Pairs: 1st  J McInnes Skinner

Ewe: 1st  J McInnes Skinner, 2nd Hay

Ewe Lamb 1st Hay, J McInnes Skinner 4th & 5th

Res Champion J McInnes Skinner

Bath & West  Any Other Breed

Ram Lamb: 1st Simon Norman - Hillview Muscles  (class of 10)

Devon County Any other Breed

Group 1st K Baxter

Aged Ram 1st K Baxter, Sh. Ram 1st K Baxter Ram Lamb 2nd K Baxter

Aged ewe 2nd K Baxter Sh Ewe 2nd K Baxter, Ewe Lamb 2nd K Baxter

Male Champion & res Male Champion K Baxter Aged Ram & Shearling Ram

Breed Champion K Baxter Aged Ram

Shropshire & West Midland

Ram: 1st P Tait, 2nd S Kilby

Ram Lamb: 1st P Tait, 2nd S Kilby, 3rd S Shone

Senior Ewe: 1st S Shone & Res. Breed Champion, 2nd S Shone

Shearling Ewe: 1st P Tait & Breed Champion, 2nd S Shone, 3rd S Shone

Ewe lamb: 1st P Tait, 2nd S Shone, 3rd S Kilby