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Sally Shone's WBC12 106 Breed Champion RHS & RWAS
Sally Shone's WBC12 106 Breed Champion RHS & RWAS

William Baillie's Female & Res Breed Ch WBC10 007
William Baillie's Female & Res Breed Ch WBC10 007

Our judge Mr Robert Graham
Our judge Mr Robert Graham

Royal Welsh 23rd July - Judge Sue McInnes Skinner

Senior Rams
1st TS Goldies DE11 088: 2nd Sally Shone IJD11 21
Shearling Rams
1st Sally Shone WBC12 106: 2nd I&M Davies IJD12 50;3rd P Tait PT12 03; 4th S Norman EJG12 169
Ram Lambs
1st I&M Davies IJD13 051;2nd S Shone MMJ13 223; 3rd TS Goldie EJG13 210

Senior Ewes
1st S Shone MMJ 11 87
Shearling Ewes
1st P Tait PT12 004; 2nd S Shone MMJ12 152; 3rd I&M Davies IJD12 33; 4th S Norman DE12 114;
Ewe Lambs
1st I & M Davies  IJD13 52; 2nd TS Goldie EJG13 208;3rd  P TaitPT13671; 4th I&M Davies IJD13 58
Group; S Shone Res: S Norman
Male Champion S Shone BBC12 106  Res. TS Goldie DE11 088
Female Champion P Tait PT12 004  Res. S Shone MMJ 12 152
Breed Champion' S Shone WBC12 106  Res. TS Goldie DE11 088

Best of Opposite sex P Tait PT12 004



Above: Laine Daff's GYS Female & Breed Champion & Percy Tait's Male Champion

Great Yorkshire July 9th- Judge Julie Bury

Ram 1st  P Tait PT12 003, 2nd  TS Goldie DE11 088 3rd S Kilby AST12 169 4th S Norman DE12 169
Ram Lamb 1st J McInnes Skinner SKI 3 255, 2nd William Bailie WBC13 143, 3rd J McInnes SkinnerSKI13 2394th L Daff BLG13 192
Older Ewe 1st Laine Daff ORC11 32, 2nd William Baillie WBC10 007, 3rd J McInnes SkinnerSKI11 148
Shearling Ewe 1st Laine DaffBLG12 122, 2nd J&K Davison JKD12 770, 3rd William Baillie WBC12 103 4th S Normn DE12 113
Ewe Lamb 1st William BaillieWBC13 150, 2nd P TaitPT13 671, 3rdJ Stables VY13 607, 4th J McInnes Skinner SKI13 242
Group 1st J McInnes Skinner, 2nd Laine Daff, 3rd S Kilby

Male Champion P Tait Reserve J McInnes Skinner

Female Champion Laine Daff Reserve William Baillie

Breed Champion Laine Daff Reserve P Tait


Royal Highland 21st June    Lots of pictures on our FB page

Snr. Ram 1st Laine Daff WBC11 46,  2nd Stuart Goldie DE11 088 3rd Sally Shone IJD11 21

Shearling Ram 1st Sally Shone WBC12 106, 2nd Peter Fraser MMJ12 143

Ram Lamb 1st Sally Shone MJJ13 003, 2nd Peter Fraser PJF13 965, 3rd Stuart Goldie EJG13 210, 4th William Baillie WBC13 143

Shearling Ewe 1st William Baillie WBC12 103, 2nd Laine Daff BLG12 124, 3rd Laine Daff BLG12 125, 4th Stuart Goldie EJG12 155, 5th Sally Shone MMJ12 152, 6th Peter Fraser PJF12 457

Snr Ewe Ist William Baillie WBC10 007, 2nd Laine Daff PJF10 21, 3rd Peter Fraser PJF10 19

Ewe Lamb 1st William Baillie WBC13 150, 2nd Sally Shone MMJ13 211, 3rd Stuart Goldie EJG13 208, 4th Johnny Stables YY13607

Male Champion Sally Shone's Sh. Ram WBC12 106

Reserve male Laine Daff Snr Ram WBC11 46

Female Champion William Baillie's Snr Ewe WBC10 007

Reserve Champion William Baillie's Shearling Ewe WBC12 103

Breed Champion Sally Shone's Shearling Ram WBC12 106

Reserve Breed Champion & Best Opposite sex to Champion William Baillie's Snr Ewe WBC10 007




The winning Haydon ewe & ram from the Bath & West Show pictured at home after the show

Bath & West results - Judge Brian Davies

Group of Three Norman & Vile Res C Bury

Senior Ram: C Bury, J Bury

Shearling Ram Norman & Vile, J Bury, C Bury

Ram Lamb C Bury, J Bury

Senior Ewe J Bury, C Bury

Shearling Ewe Norman & Vile, Norman & Vile

Ewe Lamb J Bury, J Bury

Pair C Bury, J Bury

Champion Norman & Vile Shearling ram  Res.Ch. Norman & Vile Shearling ewe


Royal Three Counties - Judge John Page

Group of 3. IJ & MH Davies, S Kilby, S Shone

Snr Ram S Shone

Shearling Ram P Tait (PT12 003), S Shone (WBC 12 06), S Kilby (AST12 087)

Ram Lamb IJ & MH Davies (IJD13 051), P Tait ( PT13 668), S Shone (MMJ13 223)

Snr Ewe S Shone MMJ 08 87

Shearling Ewe P Tait (IJD 12 043), IJ & MH Davies (IJD12 033), S Shone (MMJ12 152)

Ewe Lamb P Tait (PT13 671), IJ & MH Davies (IJD13 052) IJ & MH Davies (IJD13 058)

Pair IJ & MH Davies, S Shone, R Holtom

Champion P Tait  (PT12 003         Res Ch. P Tait (IJD12 043)

Interbreed Pairs representatives Sally Shone's MMJ12 152 & MMJ08 87

Winner Wool on the Hoof - Sally Shone