Show Results 2015

Royal Highland Champion PT14/836
Royal Highland Champion PT14/836

Sue McInnes Skinner with the TCS female championship
Sue McInnes Skinner with the TCS female championship

Percy Taits Group of 3
Percy Taits Group of 3

Royal Welsh - Judge Stuart Goldie

Ram, two shear or over. Sally Shone
Ram, Shearling.  1st Percy Tait, 2nd Iwan Davies, 3rd Sally Shone
Ram lamb  1st Iwan davies, 2nd Percy Tait
Ewe, two shear or over. 1st Percy Tait, 2nd Iwan Davies, 3rd Sally Shone
Ewe, shearling. Percy Tait, 2nd Iwan Davies, 3rd Sally Shone
Ewe Lamb. 1st iwan Davies, 2nd Sally Shone,3rd Percy Tait
Group. Iwan Davies  res. Percy Tait
Male Champion. Percy Tait,  Reserve Iwan Davies
Female Champion. Percy Tait Reserve Iwan Davies
Breed Champion Percy Tait (Ewe)  Reserve Percy Tait (Shearling ram)


Great Yorkshire - Judge Simon Norman

Senior Ram. 1st TS Goldie EJG 3209
Shearling Ram. 1st Percy Tait PT14 839, 2nd John & Kathleen Davison JKD14 866, 3rd Stuart Goldie EJG14 312,4th J McInnes Skinner SKI14 306
Ram Lamb. 1st Percy Tait PT15 988, 2nd Robin Johnson AP15 742, 3rd Johny Stables YY15 1116, W Baillie WBC15 209
Senior Ewe. Ist Percy Tait PT12 004, 2nd Laine Daff PJF10 21, 3rd Johny Stables JER11 0012, 4th J McInnes Skinner SKI13 229
Shearling Ewe. 1st Percy Tait PT14 836, 2nd Laine Daff BLG14 244, 3rd Johny Stables YY14 795, 4th W Baillie WBC14 178
Ewe lamb 1st Johny Stables YY15 1097, 2nd William Baillie WBC15 215, 3rd Percy Tait PT15 995, 4th A Mounsey AWG15 77

Group. Percy Tait, J McInnes Skinner, Laine Daff

Male Champion Stuart Goldie , Res. Percy Tait

Female Champion Percy Tait (Ewe) Res Percy Tait ( Gimmer)

Breed Champion Percy Tait (Ewe)  Res Percy Tait (Gimmer)


Royal Highland Judge John Davison

Senior Ram. 1st TS Goldie EJG13/209, 2nd Sally Shone WBC12/106

Shearling Ram 1st Percy Tait PT14/839, 2nd William Baillie WBC14/167, 3rd & 4th Laine Daff PJF14/1004 & 14/1014, 5th Peter Fraser PJF14/1039, 6th Sally Shone WBC14/176

Ram Lamb 1st Percy Tait PT15/988, 2nd William Baillie WBC15/209, 3rd laine Daff BLG15/288, 4th TS Goldie EJG15/401, 5th Rachel Cruden RCS15/1150, 6th Peter FraserPJF15/83

Senior Ewe 1st Laine Daff PJF10/21, 2nd Percy Tait PT12/204, 3rd William Baillie WBC11/77, 4th Sally Shone MMJ13/209, 5th TS Goldie EJG13/220, 6th Laine Daff

Gimmer 1st Percy TaiT PT14/836, 2nd Alice Mullen-Shanks SAS14/261, 3rd Laine Daff BLG14/244, 4th Peter Fraser PJF14/207, 5th Sally Shone MMJ14/276, 6th William Baillie WBC14/178

Ewe Lamb 1st Sally Shone MMJ15/379, 2nd Percy Tait PT15/987, 3rd William Baillie WBC15/215, 4th Sally Shone MMJ15/373, 5th TS Goldie EJG15/402, 6th Rachel Cruden RCS15/1151

Male Champion Percy Tait's shearling ram PT14/839. Res. Percy Tait's Ram Lamb PT15/988

Female Champion Percy Tait's gimmer PT14/836  Res: L Daff PJF10/21

Breed Champion Percy Tait PT14/836

Best Opposite sex  Percy Tait PT14/839


Three Counties. Judge Sue McInnes Skinner, Norfolk

Group of three.  1st. Percy Tait 2nd Mr & Mrs Nicholas

Senior. Ram. 1st  Sally Shone WBC12 106

Sh.Ram. 1st Percy Tait PT14/839 2nd IJ & MH Davies MMJ14/275, 3rd Sally Shone WBC14/176

Ram lamb. 1st IJ & MH Davies IJD15/092, 2nd Percy TaitPT15/986, 3rd Mr & Mrs Nicholas, 4th Percy Tait PT15/988

Senior Ewe. 1st Sally Shone MMJ13/209, 2nd Percy Tait PT13/682. 3rd IJ & MH Davies IJD17/058

Sh.Ewe. 1st Percy Tait PT14/836, 2nd IJ & MH Davies IJD14/068, 3rd Sally Shone , 4th IJ & MH Davies IJD14/071

Ewe lamb. 1st Sally ShoneMMJ15/379, 2nd IJ & MH Davies IJD15/104, 3rd Stan KilbyAST15/151, 4th Sally Shone MMJ15/373

Pairs. 1st IJ & MH Davies, 2nd Sally Shone, 3rd Stan Kilby

Champion. Percy Tait's shearling Ewe. Reserve Sally Shone's senior ewe.


Shropshire Show. Judge Julie Bury, Oxford

Ram. Sally Shone, Percy Tait

Ram Lamb/ Percy Tait, Sally Shone

Senior Ewe. Sally Shone, Percy Tait

Sh. Ewe. Percy Tait, Sally Shone, Stan Kilby

Ewe lamb. Sally Shone, Sally Shone, Percy Tait.

Champion Percy Tait's Shearling Ewe. Reserve: Sally Shone's Ram