John Davison (LANGLEY) judges Royal Welsh Show 2022

Taking centre stage tomorrow at the Royal Welsh Show is John Davidson of the LANGLEY flock.

A past President and Chair of the Bleu du Maine Sheep Society, Hexham based John farmed the LANGLEY flock for 30 years. Having first used Bleu du Maine rams on his North Country Mules, John discovered he was being left a leaner carcass than he was from previous sires. The LANGLEY flock ran alongside both purebred Texels and 200 commercial ewes.

Having an illustrious showing and judging career, it is only fit that John takes centre stage once again to preside over the Bleu entries at the Royal Welsh tomorrow, following the Covid-19 break.

John had an excellent sale in Carlisle in 2020 which saw his dispersal top at 1850gns and head to Northern Ireland. The second top price saw John sell a ewe lamb to Neil Millar for 1800gns. 

As a mainstay of the breed, John has had a vast array of both Carlisle sale champions and top prices along with huge amounts of success in the show ring including one year winning every single class at the Royal Welsh.

Rumour has it, he also makes a sloe vodka to slay many a grown man or woman!


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