MV Monitored Free Scheme from AXIOM

A release from AXIOMM Sheep Health Schemes:

"In order to recognise the lower risk of becoming infected with MV in an isolated flock we have introduced the option to carry out the flock test every second year (providing the flock has at least a two metre gap at all points between any neighbouring sheep flocks).


This scheme may appeal to members of the MV accreditation scheme who also have a commercial flock as the MV screening requirement of 12 cull ewes in non-accredited flocks on the same holding as an accredited flock will usually only detect the presence of MV if it is at a high level in the flock. The level of flock infection usually needs to be in the region of 40-50% before clinical signs, such as weight loss or mastitis, are seen.


We are making it clear in the rules, on lab reports and on the flock health declaration that it is a lower tier scheme than the MV accreditation scheme and that sheep cannot enter MV accredited sections at shows or sales.


Our test and lab are accredited to UKAS ISO17025 standard and we have fast turnaround times with results reported within a week.  


The rules and forms can be found on our cattle health scheme website in the MV tab: file:///C:/Users/white/Documents/Bleu%20Du%20Maine/MV%20Accreditation/MV%20Monitored-Free%20Scheme%20Rules%20&%20Testing-20072020.pdf

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