Grassroots updates.....making your life easier :)

Members Birth Screen

When you are logging births on the birth screen,   fill in the parent details, the date of birth and the number of males and females in the litter, and click on NEXT.  On the second screen  fill in the details for the youngsters.  There is now a list displayed on that screen of all the youngsters you have already logged and not yet submitted.  Hopefully that will help to stop  duplicating entries.

Remove From List

When you have finished logging your youngstock,  click on Display List (top right) before you tick the Declaration and Submit.  There is now the option for you to ‘Remove’ entries if they have made mistakes.  This removes them completely.  You can then relog them correctly before they ‘Submit’.

There are plans to add this ‘Remove’ option to the other confirmation screens in the near future.

Please Note the shopping basket is still only a tally of transactions and you can still clear the Shopping Basket by clicking on Pay Now, Pay by Cheque.’   Those instructions are on the Shopping Basket screen.

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