What a Scorcher and an Electric Atmosphere!

We hope you all feel that this year's new look National Show & Sale was a resounding success. So much so, we have have already booked the 5pm show the evening before for next year.

None of this could ever happen without the team of individuals behind the scenes. In no particular order, we need to thank:

  • Our Judges William Baillie (CALLA) and Alice Mullen Shanks (INVERESK)
  • A special thank you to Heather and The Team at Harrison & Hetherington
  • To Catering staff at The Auctioneer for the wonderful meal
  • Wayne Hutchinson; as always
  • Richard Pilkington and the┬áMillennium boys with┬átheir tup trolley, who worked tirelessly at the end of a long day to ensure we had the photographs needed so we can all benefit from future advertising
  • All the people who bid and were underbidders; you really made the trade
  • Please note, the show has been booked for 5pm the evening before for next year
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