NI Protocol - Update from NSA

NSA continues talks over trade with Northern Ireland

With the Northern Ireland protocol at the top of the political agenda this week, NSA furthered discussions with DAERA, Defra, and APHA over guidelines for Export Assembly Centres (EACs) that would allow a very limited level of trade through markets registered as EACs. Phil Stocker says: “There is still some way to go but the hope is we will agree guidelines that would at least allow some trade between NI and GB through specialist and some breed society sales. This will require significant separation of different health classes of stock (for both Scrapie and MV) and is likely to limit the range of health status at specific sales that would allow NI and GB trade to be integrated. It would also require strict biosecurity controls between sections within an EAC for both animals and people. We will keep members updated and in the meantime farm to farm trade can continue provided the required health accreditation is fulfilled.”

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