Low Whinholme visit

Individual owners favourite ewe lamb
Individual owners favourite ewe lamb

Judging the ewe lambs
Judging the ewe lambs

Stuart Goldie's Ewe Lambs
Stuart Goldie's Ewe Lambs

Review of the Visit:-

A fantastic display of lambs at Low Whinholme Farm organised by the owner Robin Johnson.
Robin, Johnny Stables and Stuart Goldie supplied the lambs. There were 7 pens of 4 gimmer (ewe) lambs by different sires and a pen of 5 ram lambs.
These were assessed in their pens and then released into a small ring. Everyone was allowed presentation time to give their reasons on placing their top three choices. All the lambs showed off their wonderful breed characteristics with only a minimal tidy up of face, belly and legs allowed.
By a large majority decision 4 gimmer lambs sired by Rumwell Maestro and bred by Johnny were given 32/36 points; followed in 2nd position by a pen of Perdi sired lambs bred by Stuart, 22/36; and finally another pen of Maestro sired lambs bred by Robin, 14/36.
The day's overall champion gimmer lamb was chosen from 4 top lambs selected by their owners.
1st. Whinholme Precious AP17.1049 sired by Maestro 18/24 points.
2nd. Dunelm ewe lamb sired by Maestro 12/24points
3rd. Perdi ewe lamb
3rd= Jonas ewe lamb both 6/24points

Finally 5 ram lambs were judged in the same way.
A Maestro sired ram lamb AP17.1033 from Robin was chosen by 5 out of 6 judges, closely followed by a ram lamb sired by Burford Junta.

After we had walked up to see his flock ewes happily grazing good Yorkshire grass, we were ready for a round table discussion on a memorable morning over a hot lunch.
Many thanks again to Robin, Johnny and Stuart. An impressive standard of lambs. They really did the breed proud.