As a member of the Bleu du Maine Sheep Society you’re part of a family of like-minded breeders.

To access the Members Resource area you must request an email link from the Society Secretary, 

Members support a range of work undertaken by the Society, including promoting the breed at shows, sales and NSA technical sheep events throughout the country.

Alongside these activities the Society also maintains the pedigree and performance database of the breed, aiding genetic improvement through breeding and performance recording.

Members can access a range of online services through the Society website, including Grassroots to record births, deaths and sales.

Grassroots is a pedigree and membership package that we have used for many years and it enables you as a member to manage your flock on line, completing registrations, transfers, sales etc with just a click! It also enables anyone to view what stock members have and look at many generations of pedigrees

Society members can also enter stock for sale at the Society Sale at Carlisle along with other market venues across the UK and enter Bleu du Maine & Millennium Bleu breed classes at agricultural shows throughout the UK

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