Bleu Du Maine - Mild mannered, milky & maternal
Royal Highland Championship Awarded to Kerrie McDermid
Judge: Mr Simon Norman (HAYDON) RAM, two shear or above 1st Calum Cruden - 1985 RAM, Shearling 1st Sally Shone - JOY 862 2nd Mrs S McInnes Skinner - YY23 185 3rd Alex Radley - 2084 4th Laine Daff - 595 5th Calum Cruden 2938 RAM Lamb 1st Neil Millar - 1046 2nd Kerrie McDermid - 882 3rd Jonathan Stables - 3225 4th Kenneth O'Connor - 599 5th Sally Shone - 930 6th Laine Daff - 633 EWE, over one shear, to have reared a lamb in the cur...
DANYGRAIG Yamura Lifts the Title at Royal Three Counties
Judge: Mr Neil Millar (JOYFIELD) RAM, two shear and over 1st Mr Caio Jones - DCJ 219 2nd Mr Will Price - PJF 1987 3rd Mrs Sally Shone - DJF 370 4th Messrs Garland, Heard & Stamp - DCJ 325 YEARLING RAM 1st Mr Will Price - RSA 02943 2nd Mr Caio Jones - 381 RAM LAMB 1st  Mr Will Price - 003 2nd Mr Archie Stamp - 1689 3rd Mr Caio Jones - 3491 4th Mr Tom Stayt - 1154 5th Mr Tom Stayt - 1156 EWE, two shear or over, to have reared a lamb...
Bleus Top The Market at Bakewell

Huge congratulations to Jamie Taylor who topped Bakewell Mart at 420ppk for 39kgs Bleu du Maine and Millennium Bleu lambs!




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Bleu du Maine

  • Fine boned sheep make lambing easy

  • 200% lambing in commercial flock

  • Lively lambs at birth, quickly on their feet

  • Plenty of milk to feed the lambs.

  • Great base for a cross-bred ewe

  • The ram is suitable to use on ewe lambs/hoggs

Millennium Bleu

  • Ultimate crossbred ewe for the customer that demands quality.

  • The Millennium Bleu ram is the obvious commercial choice for the modern market

  • Breeds to type