Bleu Du Maine - Mild mannered, milky & maternal
BBC programme
NSA RESPONDS TO MISLEADING BBC DOCUMENTARY: Following the BBC’s airing of ‘Meat: A threat to our planet’ on Monday, NSA along with many other farming organisations and farmers, joined in criticism of the BBC. NSA produced a video for social media explaining the core differences between extensive sheep farming here in the UK, and the intensive systems shown on the programme. NSA has also been running a series of meetings around the UK to help pro...
Newark Winter Warmers Sale
The dispersal of the Commercial section of the Ernford flock....... The catalogue is available to download  /​workspace/​docs/​winter-​warmers-​sale.​pdf ...
Percy Tait
The  funeral will take place on Wednesday 4th December at 1.00pm at Vale Crematorium , Fladbury. The address is A44, Pershore WR10 2QR ...
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Wayland Show
Royal Ulster Show
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Welcome everyone to our  web site. This is your resource and we are so pleased how this is developing month by month. It is for everyone's benefit and we welcome stories and pictures of your sheep, especially your successes!.

2019 has been a year of moving forward for our breed. We welcomed Becky Hurd as our new Promotion and Field Officer who has attended all the NSA Sheep events and the sale and AGM with the emphasis is on pushing the breed forward - we have a great product for the modern market and need to continue to punch above our weight.

In 2020 we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Millennium Bleu. The brainchild of the late Gavin Shanks and the breed which has given us so much momentum to not only improve the Bleu but also for the Millennium Bleu to create such an impact on the sheep industry. It has not only provided an excellent crossing ram and superb females, the Millennium Bleu is now widely recognised as a serious contender in the show ring. Plans for the celebrations will be discussed at the forthcoming Council meeting later this month.

Becky will increase our presence on all social media platforms, but we cannot do this without our members so keep the news coming about how the Bleu and Millennium Bleu are helping your sheep businesses.

The show ring is just one of many shop windows for our sheep so let’s also build on commercial success at the grassroots level. I wish everyone success for 2020
Sally Shone – Chair Bleu du Maine Sheep Society


Bleu du Maine

  • Fine boned sheep make lambing easy

  • 200% lambing in commercial flock

  • Lively lambs at birth, quickly on their feet

  • Plenty of milk to feed the lambs.

  • Great base for a cross-bred ewe

  • The ram is suitable to use on ewe lambs/hoggs

Millennium Bleu

  • Ultimate crossbred ewe for the customer that demands quality.

  • The Millennium Bleu ram is the obvious commercial choice for the modern market

  • Breeds to type