Bleu Du Maine - Mild mannered, milky & maternal
AINTREE Flock Storms Ruthin Market!

Millennium Bleu lambs to £145.00

41kg Millennium Bleu lambs to 334.2ppk TWICE!

£154 for a Bleu Du Maine cull ewe

#profitfromBleus #Bleustickalltheboxes #seewhataBleucandoforyou

330ppk sees Bleu Du Maine top Forfar!

Bleu Du Maine hoggs from Andrew Wylie (BALBRYDIE) smashed the hogg trade at  Forfar, topping the day at 330ppk!

Congratulations Andrew!



Cull ewes from Sally Shone, MAXIUMUM Flock, stormed their way to £158.00 at Oswestry Livestock Auctions yesterday! 

Congratulations Sally!

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Shropshire County Show
Message to all our members and friends from our Chair, Sally Shone.

Welcome to 2021, I hope your lambing is going well. This message has a horrible feeling of déjà vu about it as summer shows start to cancel and future events are difficult to plan but let’s be positive!

Becky & I are determined to be inventive of new ways to promote the breed. We are hoping for some on-farm events across the country to push the Bleu to the forefront.

The focus will be on the Millennium Bleu this year as we celebrate its 21st Birthday and the Society will continue to promote both breeds as best we can, in these extraordinary times.

This year will have a new look Premier Sale in Carlisle; re-branded as The National Sale, we look forward to holding the show the afternoon of the 12th August with a celebration afterwards, please join us if you can (and bring cake!).

I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel with vaccinations being rolled out at a rapid rate, we can look forward to a return to normality in some form.

Until then, let’s get inventive and keep our breed at the forefront as the ultimate dam sire, suitable for ewe lambs, crossing on all breeds and creating that bespoke, consistent female with the Millennium Bleu being the ideal Terminal Sire with ease of lambing, typey, heritable traits with a demand greater than supply.

Sally Shone ,Chair - Bleu du Maine Sheep Society  15th February 2021


Bleu du Maine

  • Fine boned sheep make lambing easy

  • 200% lambing in commercial flock

  • Lively lambs at birth, quickly on their feet

  • Plenty of milk to feed the lambs.

  • Great base for a cross-bred ewe

  • The ram is suitable to use on ewe lambs/hoggs

Millennium Bleu

  • Ultimate crossbred ewe for the customer that demands quality.

  • The Millennium Bleu ram is the obvious commercial choice for the modern market

  • Breeds to type