Due to the uncertainty and an ever-changing sitation we currently face, we strongy encourage you to explore as many selling options as possible.

We very much hope that the PRemier Sale will go ahead this year in these uncertain times, albeit without the Show aspect and all other necessary arrangements in place.

Be prepared to adapt - consider the following options (along with all others you are aware of):

YOUR SOCIETY WEBSITE - relaunched! This section can now include videos of your sheep! Stock For Sale can be found under the Members icon, scroll down to the Stock For Sale section on the left. All listings are free of charge and details are to be sent to Becky: [email protected] or 07388 848653. There is a template available on the website listing all the information we require. Listings remain for one month and are automatically removed. If you wish to relist after this period, please be in contact.

SPECIFIC SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: e.g. Tups For Sale; Farmers Free Ads

SELL MY LIVESTOCK: www.sellmylivestock.co.uk

FARMERS GUARDIAN BUY & SELL: www.fgbuyandsell.com


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