‘Other hybrids exist, but nothing breeds as true as a Millennium Bleu’

This fantastic article graced "That's Farming" in Northern Ireland recently.

"The Millennium Bleu is celebrating its 21st birthday this year.

The brainchild of visionary Gavin Shanks, the Millennium Bleu is principally a terminal sire and is bred from crossing a Beltex ram and a Bleu Du Maine Ewe.

The reverse is also acceptable, which according to Bleu du Maine Sheep Northern Ireland Club, “provided a much need unique selling point for the BDM female.

These sheep possess the carcass of the Beltex, with the stretch, lift and length of the Bleu.

“This blend of carcass and class has produced the ultimate, modern commercial sheep.”

Recently, within Northern Ireland, its popularity is ever-increasing. These rams produce numerous, easily lambed, vigorous and easily finished lambs.”


It's a great read, to read the full article, take a look HERE

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