October Council Meeting

The notes of the 2021 October Council meeting are now within the Members Area of the website but Council wish to highlight the following points:

  • We are once again delighted to report an increase in membership numbers and registrations.
  • There have been further updates to the Grassroots system and the accounting with regard to payments by Stripe, for which we thank Jane Smith.
  • The AGM will continue to be held via Zoom.
  • National Sale - we hope you all enjoyed the new format and we are pleased to have booked the same layout for the show the evening before in the Exhibition Hall, with two judges preciding over the Bleu du Maine and the Millennium Bleu classes. The upset price has now risen to 200gns across the board. We will be holding nibbles during judging once again to enable breeders to all come together, have a chat and look at sheep with the usual meal to follow at The Auctioneer.
  • National Show - was discussed in depth with exciting announcements to follow!
  • The 2022 Sheep Events to attend are as follows: ScotSheep and NSA Malvern. Borderway Expo is still to follow for 2021.
  • Advertising was discussed thoroughly in order to continue with our active promotional push, as we cannot help but feel that this has incresed exposure for the breed. Targetted advertising policies were put in place and the double-page Farmers Guardian campaign will continue in 2022 in the run up to the National Sale.
  • Breed Sponsorship as a new venture is being explored with positive feedback and one sponsor already in the process of being in place.
  • It has been discussed that we are looking in to the registration of black lambs in order to expand our markets. 
  • Council are waiting on forwarded correspondence in order to re-visit Zootech regulations regarding Southern Ireland. 
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