Langley Flock Dispersal at the Premier Sale

Posted: 8th August

The Langley flock was established in 1990 with the purchase of three in lamb shearling gimmers from the Dirnanean and Easterseat flocks. Further females were occasionally purchased including Grahams Josephine and Hillview May.  We have always pursued a policy of keeping the best females for our own flock and selling the rest. Some females have been sold for the last two years to reduce the flock size.

The ram that has had the biggest influence in the flock was Maunby Butch who was purchased for 2000gns Carlisle 2004. His first six sons sold at Carlisle in 2005 topped at 2000gns and averaged 790gn. Butch and his offspring had major success at the shows around the country including two Royal Highland Show Champions, four Royal Welsh Show Champions, and three Shortwool Interbreed Champions at the Great Yorkshire Show.

This year’s crop of lambs are all by Maunby Butch by semen that was collected when he was a shearling. The shearling gimmers on offer are all sired by Aintree Osmond who was purchased as a lamb for 1300gns Carlisle 2016 for his length and muscle.

Lambs were weaned off the ewes 15th May and the gimmers and ewes were bare clipped the same day. All sheep are on the Heptavac P system and have not been exhibited at shows this year but are all naturally reared. All ewes were Laproscopic AId last year.

We wish all purchasers the best of luck with our sheep and hope they have as much pleasure and success with them as we have had over the years.    John Davison

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